Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Malunggay Oil, Potent Life Oil!

I've always been a fan of malunggay or moringa olifeira since my first pregnancy. Reading and researching about it, I found out that it wasn't just good for lactating mothers, it was actually good for everyone. 
the humble malungai leaves,
so small on the notepad!

It is low in fats and carbohydrates. It is high in vitamin B, 2x the Protein of yogurt; 3x the potassium of bananas; 3x the Iron of spinach, 4x the calcium of milk and 7x the vitamin C of oranges.

And did you know that someone actually tried to make fuel from this? It worked and was cleaner than coconut oil but the cost to process it was too much :( hopefully some day, they'll be able to figure out a cost-efficient way to do it!

clockwise from left: malungai capsules,
malungai leaves, malungai seeds,
malungai oil in the jar
I never thought such tiny leaves held so much power. I remember when I was a kid, my mother would always add malunggay leaves to some of the dishes she cooked. I thought nothing of the tree growing by the side of the road near our house, but now with my two babies, I'm thankful that I wasn't picky with my food. I'm hopeful that I can pass on healthy eating habits to these little girls, including eating malunggay.

Nowadays though, when there's not much readily available for cooking, some health food stores carry a wide array of malunggay products. I so love Ecostore where they sell good malunggay powder for cooking and a really kickass malunggay pesto. They're all proudly philippine made so you are sure you are supporting our local trade and industry!

pure malungai extract

Or if you'd rather do it the health supplement way, may I suggest Malungai Life Oil. Made from pure malunggay extract (leaves AND seeds), it's all of moringa olifeira's full potency distilled in a gel capsule. Twice a day and you get all the benefits of eating a whole lot of malunggay leaves without having to climb up and pick them yourself! A product of proudly Filipino company Manila Nature’s Link, Malungai Life Oil is the only oilbased malunggay supplement in the market today.

manila nature's link, proud makers of MLO

Since I am still breastfeeding Olly, I am always looking for ways to keep myself healthy and improve my milk quality. This obviously hits two birds with one stone! I used to drink the powder capsule version that yes, was effective too. However, the pure oil extract was just more potent.

The key to it all is chlorophyll, engine of the plant’s powerful conversion of energy. By distilling both seeds and leaves into a pure, cold-pressed oil, MLO maximizes malunggay’s chlorophyll and renders it, in the words of a medical expert, “preserved, conserved and available.”

Amazingly, if you shine ultraviolet light on the capsule's oil, you'll see it register red-orange, the most powerful and energy laden in the spectrum! 

This means that malunggay’s health benefits can be delivered with more stability and consistency than in the dried powder that was previously available. So you get a synergistic combination of nutrients which normally can be obtained only from separate food sources.

my malungai family: 3yo oona, 9mo olly
and my mother who fed me malungai too!

Rich in Vitamin C, calcium, antioxidants and essential amino acids, malunggay has long been associated with benefits that are more relevant than ever. These include higher energy, increased immunity, and helping to manage three of today’s main health concerns: blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol.

I'm very sure Olly's getting the benefits of this through my milk. Even Oona's taking it! What I did was pop the gel and mix the oil with whatever she's eating. Since Oona's not picky, I don't have a problem with making her finish her food so she's able to ingest all of the malunggay oil. After all, she's been a malunggay baby too!

MALUNGAI LIFE OIL is available in packs of 10s and 60s, at Mercury Drug and other drugstores nationwide. For more product information, please visit http://www.malungailifeoil.ph/.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Make Your Move Against AIDS!

One of my secret fears is to lose someone to or that I myself would contract AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) through whatever means it is acquired. Now that I'm a mom, I fear for my kids and their kids. It's pretty far off into the future, I know, but I do plan to talk to them about sex, being safe and responsible. How that conversation is going to go is the part I'm not exactly sure about! For sure I'm hoping it's not going to be too awkward.

Of course, unsafe sex isn't the only way to contract AIDS. However, it's the most common way to get it among teens and the young, working crowd. I'm glad to know that the AIDS awareness campaign is very much alive and that the safe sex companies are at the forefront with a variety of activities. We really need to bear in mind, even when our attention is called to other equally urgent global concerns, that the fight against AIDS should never be forgotten.

In celebration of the World AIDS Awareness Day, Frenzy Condoms is kicking off a special dance competition on December 1, 2010, 10AM at the SM Mall Of Asia Music Hall. With over PHP 175,000 in cash prizes up for grabs, the one-day only dance competition is open to college students and call center agents with a dance group!


1. Form a group of 8-12 members. You can be all girls, all boys or a mix of girl and boy dancers.

2. All members of your group must be bona fide students or currently employed call center agents.

3. Register, bring valid ID's as proof of identity and a video of your dance choreography.

4. Dance routines must not be more than 5 minutes and incorporate an AIDS Awareness theme.

All requirements must be submitted to On Ground Activation, Co

PHP 100,000 for the Champion
PHP 50,000 for the 1st Runner Up
PHP 25,000 for the 2nd Runner Up

For the group with the most number of supporters in the crowd (bring the entire barangay or hold your town hall meeting there! Haha!), there's PHP 20,000 to be won and a consolation prize of PHP 5,000 for ALL non-winning dance groups!

This special event is one of Frenzy's many efforts to promote AIDS Awareness in a fun and wholesome way. Frenzy believes that spreading the proper information about AIDS helps stem the spread of this worldwide killer.

For more information, please head on to the event's facebook page at http://facebook.com/makeyourmovedance , like the page too and you may win a laptop or some really cool gear!

You may also get in touch with Judy Perez at 895-2561/0906-3193537 of On Ground Activation, Co. and take a dance step in the right direction!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mommy's Little Big Helper

I promised Oona that we'd allocate some space in our room for us to "practice schooling". Going to a big school is a dream of hers and "practicing" for it is her motivation for a lot of things. I'm teaching her that preparing for it is just as important as actually going. This means practicing her listening skills, learning how to follow rules and instructions, and putting things in their proper places among other things.

So a few weeks ago, we fixed up a corner in the room to be our designated "school area". I told her she'd best help me because it's part of getting ready to go to a real school. The room was a holy mess anyway with all her stuff strewn about, so now was as good a time as any! We brought out her little plastic worktable and chairs and I let her have my collapsible storage boxes to put all her things in.

Fixing up!
She picked up all her stuff, segregated the hard toys from the soft toys and put the legos, puzzles and blocks in their respective "houses" (containers where they 'live') . She even helped me fix her books and put aside those that Olly could already inherit.

That done, we threw away broken toys, junk paper and debris, swept and mopped; and put her baby dolls to sleep on top of the toy boxes.

I guess that activity helped concretize a lot of things for her, two major concepts I was gunning for being the importance of preparation and helping out.

Nowadays, she's taken up other ways of helping without any prompting from anyone. I know that half of that helpfulness comes from curiosity and wanting to be involved in absolutely everything (sometimes to the point of exasperation on my part!). But what makes my little momma's heart swell with motherly love and pride is when she says she wants to help and you know she just really wants to.

'Mom, I want to help wichoo!', then off like a shot sometimes without even waiting for me to answer. Often like predictive text, she'll just hand me whatever she's previously observed me needing for that particular activity she's assisting me with. Mostly it's with taking care of Olly and cooking noodles she likes to help me out with. She'd get me diapers and wipes, advise me to put jelly on her sister's butt ('So no rashes, Mom!') and distract olly with funny faces or a toy while i wrestle a diaper on. When it's reading time, she'd get a book for herself and one for olly.

Recently, Olly fell off the bed while I was so weak from a really bad tooth pain. Oona scrambled out of bed and marched calmly downstairs to inform Lola that she needed the ice pack because Olly fell. She also got me medicine and a water bottle because my teeth hurt. She recommended I brush my teeth so that they'll be happy too; after which, she insisted on being Doctor Oona and put the medicine in my mouth and giving me water to drink. Then she kissed little sobbing Olly and said, 'It's okay, sweetheart!'.

I wanted to cry! I haven't totally been a monster at all *sniff* Seems I'm doing something right!

Assistant Chef Oona

She likes to participate in cooking too, whether it's helping Lola peel vegetables, piling the chopped vegetables in a bowl or putting the peelings in a container for the organic waste bin. With me, she's in charge of the spice rack and handing me the noodles or macaroni to put in boiling water. I let her stir on occasion too when there's no danger of anything hot spilling. Watching Safety Patrol on Playhouse Disney helps a lot because she's very careful and conscious about safety measures around the house. She also tries to help wash dishes with Daddy (she's in charge of putting them on the dish rack to dry), holding the dust pan when Lola cleans the floor (Oona bids for the broom or mop but she makes more of a mess) and helps fold and put away our clean laundry. She sometimes wears our clean laundry on her head first or pretends that the socks are long gloves. She's still a baby, after all! Play is still a central part of her life!

Oona also packs away after playing, turns off the tv after watching and makes sure her shoes and slippers are neatly in their proper place. She sets the table, puts water from the dispenser in the drinking glasses and calls everyone to the table to eat.

Automatically, she shares anything she eats with Olly who is now a very adventurous eater ('Mommy, pwede kay Olly ato?' or 'Mommy can Olly eat this?') and puts her bowl in the sink when she's done. She volunteers to change Olly too when I'm getting them ready for bed. Of course she can't, but she manages to help get pyjamas for both of them, take Olly's shirt off, put dirty clothes in the hamper ('Dirty na 'to, Mommy?') and change her own clothes.


I can go on and never finish this entry as every day brings a new revelation. Little things to us other people but accomplishments to her and milestones worthy of pride for me. They may be everyday, ordinary things but it's showing me that my little girl is not only practising for her school days, she's really getting ready for independent life in general. I can only hope I do a good enough job of equipping her for that!

Now if I can be sure that I'll be ready for her independepence! Ayayay! :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Luscious Dare: Eat Smart, Eat Healthy, Eat Right

I decided to go for balancing food intake, gently cleansing my system and letting go of bad eating habits as far as dieting went. I couldn't go all out on detox or dieting to the max because when my body flushes out toxins, Olly might ingest whatever they are through my breastmilk.

I had to replant the thought in my head that whatever I put in my mouth is what I feed Olly but it doesn't give me an excuse to binge on whatever I want.

Water and fiber are the main components of my diet as I need to be hydrated and to help my body "sweep out" toxins efficiently.

In the morning I drink a liver tonic to help it process waste properly and for breakfast, bulk up on fiber. Remember, you put on and keep weight because your body is not able to process and eliminate the waste you accumulate. You really are a walking bag of toxic biowaste! Haha :P That's a nice way of saying the obvious!

Apple Cider Vinegar,
Honey and Water
Anyhoo, the liver tonic is as follows:

Mix 1 tbsp of Apple Cider vinegar (I use Bragg's, available in any supermarket) or 1 tbsp fresh squeezed calamansi or lemon with 1 tbsp of Honey in a glass or mug of hot water. Sip it like tea first thing in the morning before any breakfast.

Our livers should be taken care of as they help process waste and keep our blood healthy. So if you have liver problems or just want to keep your liver healthy, then a cleansing liver tonic might be what you need. Helps me poop and maintain pH balance too. My sister also swears that it helped settle her hyperacidity (weird enough).
I also mix a sachet of Cillium with another glass of water for added fiber. By now I've had 2 glasses of liquid.

For breakfast, I soak a bowl of muesli in hot water. When it's all soft and mushy, I mix in a teaspoon of honey. It may not look much but the dried fruit, oats, nuts and grains are really heavy. They expand further in your tummy giving you a full feeling like pasta does.

Some whole wheat bread with butter or jam follows if I'm still peckish but usually a mug of hot coco or water with the muesli is enough.

After 30minutes, when my stomach's started digesting, I drink my supplements with another tall glass of water. That would be the Luxxe Slim, Luxxe Protect, malunggay and calcium.

For lunch, I've opted out of rice since I tend to heap it on my plate. I have soup, bread, vegetables, and fruit instead. If there's pasta, I try to control consumption by drinking lots of water again. I stay away from too much salt and sugar. So that means no soft drinks, iced tea or juice.

Merienda snacks consist of bread or crackers and fruits. Cheese and yoghurt are good too. Then lots of water.

Dinner would simple fare as well, soups, vegetables, fish or chicken and some bread.

After 30 minutes, I drink Luxxe Slim, Luxxe Protect, malunggay and iron (only when I have my period).

SO far it's been more than a month and my body's gotten used to this diet. I haven't craved for rice after the first three days and I've lessened my bread servings as well. I only have enough carb to maintain good levels of it in my system as I still need some and I've given up pork as well.

In a nutshell:

HAVE: Lots of hydration
            Vitamins and Mineral Supplements
            Proteins (fish, chicken, pork or beef)
            Complex carbs (brown rice, if you have some...whole wheat breads)

DON'T: Sweets

DON'T STARVE YOURSELF or else your body will go int ofamine mode and start slowing metabolism down and storing fat. Eat something when you feel hungry, but the key is to EAT SMART, RIGHT AND HEALTHY! Keep your body happy and clean and the pounds will drop away :)

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Monkey See, Monkey Do

My baby's growing up!
Seriously considering what
she likes from the menu at Pizza Hut.

Nowadays, I see a lot of signs that my three year old is truly growing by leaps and bounds. When they say that children are sponges and clean slates, I think no further than Oona as proof. And growing up around a 'colorful' group of adults is certainly adding to her growing repertoire of character quirks.

Getting frustrated earlier because her slippers wouldn't stay on her foot, she exclaims, 'What the hey?!' (That's from me.) *Sigh*

Watching cartoons, she non-chalantly crossed her legs in so lady-like a manner, you'd think she was having tea with the queen. (My mother.)

Building a tower of blocks to an unsustainable height, the structure crashes because the fan blew on it. She lets out a roar of anger at the fan, saying, 'You see?!' Then she stomps away to a sulk on a chair. (Anything I say now, can and will be used against me...so I will keep my peace!)

I so worry all the time that she would be thrust into social situations wherein her "performance" would be scrutinized and when she's not at her best, she'll be punished for it. Of course, I'm terrified I'll be blamed for it and judged! Tell me, who isn't? I'm actually afraid that I might not be a good enough mom for her and she suffers for my negligence!

I don't want to be a helicopter parent though, so I'm trying my best not to be anal retentive. You know, just be cool...and not panic when she pretends not to listen or throws a drama queen fit.

*Sigh* AGAIN.

Needless to say, it's not all bad habits that she absorbs. So imagine my relief...

With Olly and Lolo Lem
 When Olly cries, Oona hurries over and coos, "It's okay, Olly! Don't cry, my sweetheart!" And pats and kisses her.

When friends and family came to visit, she trundles out the biscuits, bread and pesters me for candy. I thought at first it was because she wanted to eat them all, but I was speechless when she offered them to our guests and said, "For you. Please come eat at the table." (Proud mommy moment!)

She also sees departing guests to the door, saying "Goodbye! Take care!".

When at the grocery, she would get yogurt for herself and then say she wants another one "for her uncle because it's his favorite too!" Then proceeds to get stuff from the shelves that she knows the other people on the family would like and calls them her "Surprise!".

*Sigh* I could go on all day about the incredible things she's done and said, but I'm tearing up already! :)

So okay, I think I remember more happy, positive imitations that Oona does of the people around her. Thank goodness! Writing them down helps remind me that she's going to be okay.

I guess, the important thing is to call out and process the negative stuff with her in such a way that she understands. Then affirm and applaud the positives. :) AAAAAnd remember to be on our best behaviour all the time too! Role modeling is the best teaching aid there is.

Lolz...When I was young, I wanted to be a commercial model. I still do...but little did I know I'd be one as a mother to my daughters! Role-modeling!

Now if only I could learn to be less anxious if I'm doing a good job of raising good people! I wonder if that can ever happen as long as I'm a mom! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Swap Me Luscious With Olay

Event host Joey Mead,
Olay Body Ambassadors Daphne Osena-Paez and Miriam Quiambao

Can an older woman give a younger woman a run for their money?  

Just looking at the Olay Body Ambassadors (Fabulous Daphne Osena-Paez, Queenly Miriam Quiambao and Timeless Angel Aquino) would give you reason enough to yell, "Hell, yeah!".

When I saw them at the Grand Swap Event at the SM North EDSA Sky Dome, I couldn't believe that any of them were already in their 40's! But not only are they icons of beauty and grace, they are also strong, independent women of varied accomplishments who believe that IT'S NEVER TOO LATE.

Phoemela Barranda hosts
from the various booths around the event
The Olay Body campaign is all about having the confidence to embrace life, pursue our cherished dreams and defy the limits that ageing often brings.

We have to face it, sometimes having dull, dry skin makes us feel old and not just a little insecure of these fresh young things traipsing around. We used to be like them: able to flaunt smooth, fine skin with barely the need to moisturize, if at all! Now that our age begins to show in little ways, it can feel as if the world has really passed us by and we won't be able to keep up with the younger generation. Even if deep inside we KNOW there's still that spark burning, that passion still waiting to burst into flame, we let our insecurity get the better of us and we hold ourselves back from doing anything.

The Swap Meter early in the day!

Donna at the Entrance Registration Booth
It was the first in a series of events to encourage women to start an anti-ageing regimen for their body skin and not just their face. The launch had hundreds of women lining up to exchange empty cartons of their current non-Olay beauty bar for a free Olay Age Defying Body Bar. Infused with moisturizers, Olay helps fight skin ageing in just 7 showers!

posing with PBB's Tom Rodriguez

And with skin that looks and feels young and fresh, it's never too late to celebrate with confidence the other things that our age brings us: our hard-won character, wisdom, and greater creativity.

Even guys are swapping to Olay!

Catch the Olay Age Defying Body Bar experience in Robinson's Galleria, Ortigas on Friday, November 12 and in Puregold QI Central on E. Rodriguez Ave. corner Araneta Ave., Quezon City on Sunday, November 21. ‎The exciting activities you'll experience would include registering and being counted on the Swap Meter, getting expert advice for your skin, playing in the Olay Digital Corner, shooting your very own video on Olay Tube, your picture taken in the Olay Photo Session, swapping to OLAY (of course!), and having a Minute of Fame!
SRP PHP 45.00 120g

I also hear that Angel Aquino would be gracing this Friday's event at Galleria so, catch her there and see how you can defy age and push the limits with Olay!

Don't forget to bring empty boxes of your current non-Olay beauty bars for the swap! :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

It's A WAREHOUSE SALE At Big & Small Co.!

Sent by our friend Lynda, Christmas is really just around the corner! Sale after sale are coming out for those Christmas loot bags and socks that Santa needs to fill up!

Have fun! :D

Big & Small Company holds Warehouse Sale

On November 16, Big & Small Company is holding a Warehouse Sale where you can get clothing brands Big&Small, Spin, and Orange Juice for as low as 70% off! Also on sale are smart and practical pieces from their high fashion boutique brand H.A.B. Maternity and More, perfect for your friends or family who are moms or expectant moms. With the lineup of brands under Big&Small, you’ll likely find a gift for every child on your Christmas list, from your youngest inaanak, to your dalaginding niece, to your energetic nephew.

So get started on that Christmas list by visiting the Warehouse Sale at Nutrition Center at 2332 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City. The Warehouse Sale will run from November 16-20, from 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM. Credit cards are also accepted during the Warehouse Sale.

For any inquiries, you may call Big & Small Company at 889-6956.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Identity Crisis: Reinventing Me

I know that something major has happened in my life when I find myself building my proof of identity from ground zero. I don't mean just paperwork, but the little components that make up who I am are reinvented, reshuffled and remade.

College Me
 Declaration Of Independence

Leaving home to be my own woman let me claim who I was and build on the foundations I was laying. It helped me clarify the blurry lines between me and other personalities I unconsciously projected but were not really ME.

I fully realized this molding of identity the first time I saw a huge rat in the very first house I rented as an independent woman. I was broke, the room was a god-awful mess with half-unpacked boxes and that rat was shocked that I had moved in. Guess he didn't get the memo. Haha :D Gross, I know but I felt content. MY RAT. MY ROOM. MY MESS. :D

Prior to that were the usual pressures of school and peers for identity but nothing really solid that I can fully claim as my own. You could say I've been trying out clothes from the rack and while some did look good on me, they really weren't my style. So by the time I was able to move out, I was more than ready for some tailor fitting.

Our Anniversary Layout
I framed this as a triptych and gave it as a gift to rf.
Then, I Got Married.

Who knew that marriage could be such a legal headache? Proving who I was and tracking each and every paper of proof that I am myself took forever! Then, I had to change my name on all those pieces of paper, which again, took forever and a day. I remember asking myself if those scraps really defined my existence. Legally, yes. (Thanks to that experience, I never underestimate the value of a piece of paper again.)

Other than the legalities, I had to wrap my brain around being someone's wife too. Compromises need to be made and one's quirks have to be outgrown or at least thoroughly discussed. I wasn't wholly my own woman anymore, going where and when I please. Complete control over my life wasn't something I had for long, and just when I thought I was getting the hang of it, I found that I had to relinquish some of it when I signed the dotted line. That took some getting used to!

Okay, not that I regret it, mind you. Marriage gave me new ways in which to grow and surprisingly for me, discover that I wouldn't be as restricted as I thought I'd be. Maybe it's also because RF has been very supportive and understanding through all the stresses we've muddled through together. I'm thanking my lucky stars I didn't marry a lemon and I haven't yet prayed for divorce to be legalized in this country!

Ground Zero: The Day You Find Out You're Preggo

First few weeks of Oona's life.
Had to drink Duphaston (those white things)
to help her hold on in my womb.
 One milestone I thought marriage would prepare me for was the inevitable role of motherhood. But getting pregnant and giving birth to Oona opened up an entirely new dimension in my character development. I never really thought there could be so many things to being a mother! Nothing is too small, insignificant or inconsequential, everything affects you and your child! 

Once again, everything is erased and it all starts in your head. You build yourself again with this new factor whose variables are exponential.

Example: I never used to be afraid of germs, strangers or be so deeply concerned about the environment, politics or finances. Now, I'm all about what these things could mean for my kids' future. I never really thought I'd be a mom, actually, but the things that suddenly concern me never cease to amaze me. There's a new one every day! Like today, I think I'm turning into the bad word patrol and I'm trying to find a good explanation why 'What the hey!' still isn't good even when you don't say 'hell'.

I'm also finding out that I thought I'd be all progressive and modern parenting but I'm more traditional than I actually suspected. I suddenly have issues about everything! I even have anxiety attacks about things that haven't happened or can only happen in the remotest possibility. Like, if I could put in a GPS microchip on each kid of mine, I would! (But I might be damaging them for life so I don't know.) Maybe just teach them to go for the jugular if anyone dares harm a hair on their heads.


My little girls clwoning around!
Anyhoo, it never ceases to amaze me how many times one has to reinvent oneself just as you were getting comfortable with who you are at the moment.

Like now, I find that reinvention happens everyday especially around kids. It's totally crazy and I don't know how I manage it, but I do.

I have to.

When babies depend on you, it's a whole different ball game, a whole different level of involvement. It's not just your future hanging on the balance anymore. Who I am means so much more than my own reasons for building an identity. It's the foundation I build to raise good human beings.

(Whoa. Intense much?!)

Friday, November 5, 2010

So Yummy Soya! SOYAMI Snacking On A Friday Afternoon

I seldom get to see friends, let alone go to events, that the October 22 rains could not stop me from hauling the kids and my mom out to the Soyami Chips Launch at Active Fun's SM North Annex Branch. Just getting there was an adventure in itself as we were all over the metropolis, getting stuck in traffic with the rain and excited children on board. We met up with sexy bloggerista mom delisyus  (currently very preggy Mec) and her entourage (Yakee and Ate Gang) in Makati and was only able to make it to the other end of the world after more than two hours! Much to the relief of everyone, the two pre-schoolers and the baby weren't too much to handle. The kids just got a little bit worried that we adults were not really going to bring them to the "playground" like we had promised as the trip was getting to be too long for them.

photo courtesy of Mec Arevalo :)
Oona had been excited about Active Fun for quite some time now as we always passed by the SM Annex branch on our way into the mall from the parking lot. Whenever we come across any branch for that matter, there would be balloons and kids playing inside on slides, jungle gyms and colorful mats that RF and I are hard-pressed not to give in to her pleas to let her play in the "playpen". So now, with the added bonus of her new friend Yakee, her excitement and happiness knew no bounds.

Yakee and Oona
Active Fun's aim is to encourage exercise through fun, active play and social interaction among kids in a safe, friendly envronment. Nowadays, when kids can't seem to get enough of computer games and other electronic nannies, it's really refreshing to see a place concerned with getting kids out of the couch potato danger zone. Being on a journey to health myself, I want my  kids to develop an appreciation of physical activity, sweat and all! Healthy active bodies, healthy active minds, right? I don't want them to develop the health difficulties I have now from a sedentary lifestyle so it's really important for me to start them on good habits this early.

Apple Morales
Apple Morales, Active Fun SM North's franchise owner, even shared with us how much it's meant to her own son to be able to play with the kids who frequent the place. Since he's always wanted a younger sibling, Active Fun has given him the extra joy of having so many little kids to be big brother to. You can see just how proud she is of her warm, caring boy! It's really validating for a mother to know how she's raised a beautiful human being!

This is just one side
of the HUGE play yard!
Photo courtesy of Mec Arevalo :)
I was very happy to observe how hygienic they were (SOP's: socks and disinfect hands with alcogel) and how well-attended the children were by the warm and engaging aides. There was even a camera hooked up to a TV so you can get a better view of what goes on inside while you're outside waiting.

While Yakee and Oona were playing in the huge play yard, Mec and I joined other mommies in sampling Soyami Chips, a healthy snack made from soya. Apple and Howie explained to us how they believe that healthy snack alternatives should be available to kids and since they offer food and refreshments inside Active Fun, this idea came at the perfect time.

And what could be healthier than soybeans? Soya provides the body with a lot of vitamins and minerals. Studies also show that it helps the body fight against diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and even certain cancers!

The beans used for the Soyami chips are organic and non-GMO. That means little to no chemicals were used in growing these soybeans. Even when processed, the chips are kept healthy as they are made without added preservatives, no MSG (which I'm allergic to), 0% transfat and with very low salt levels. Very high in protein and fiber, the Soyami chips help give you more energy to keep your body healthy and on the go.

Olly enjoys the soya chips!
Courtesy of Mec Arevalo :)

Packaged in three flavors, Soyami comes in yummy Original, White Cheddar and Pizza. I liked the pizza flavor best and I really couldn't stop crunching on it! Good thing it was guilt-free, healthy snacking or else my health journey would be shot! Even Olly liked munching on it!

So watch out for the newest healthy snack alternative, yummy Soya chips SOYAMI and snack healthy! Soyami Chips would be available in leading groceries and supermarkets soon. Of course, Active Fun outlets would have this healthy snack alternative readily available in all its branches too! To find out more about this yummy snack, you can visit them here or better yet, hop on over to the Active Fun outlets, let the kids enjoy the play yards and let your taste buds feast on these crunchy munchies!

I really enjoyed going out that Friday especially since the kids had so much fun (even Olly!). I met up with mommy blogger friends, was able to check out a great new kid-friendly place, and had the Soyami Chips experience! When it was time to go home, I knew how Oona felt cos she didn't want to go "so soon". She had made friends in the play yard, aside from "her Yakee", and she had gained a lot of confidence to explore on her own amidst new faces. For me, it's a definite sign that my baby's growing up well and it's assuring me that she's gaining valuable socialization skills.

I'm happy to know that I'm validated as a mom with how confident Oona is and how Olly, the happy baby smiles at everyone. I'm even happier to know that there are places I can bring them to that are safe and clean and that there are alternatives to keep them healthy, hearty and happy!

Active Fun Branches


Hobbies Mall, Macapagal Blvd.

Westgate Center, Commerce Ave.

Fun Ranch, Frontera Verde
Ortigas Ave., C5 Pasig City

The Annex, 3rd Floor
North Ave. cor. EDSA, QC

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bedtime Snuggles

Right now I'm once again squashed between a rolly polly Olly and fast-growing coltish Oona, all rosy cheeked and gangly legs. Under a thick yellow comforter, we snuggle together for our afternoon nap. Christmas is just around the corner and it's drizzling outside, so even though the A/C's on low, it's nippy enough to warrant the cozy, soft nest we made with the comforter.

As the kids doze off, I remember how it was when I was a kid. My grandmother had a huge bed in her large airy room. She had a pink chenille bedspread that I always fell asleep on. I was supposed to slip under it but it was so inviting to roll around on. There was a bamboo grove right outside the window and since the wind would rustle through the leaves, I was asleep before I knew it. I always woke up refreshed and ready for play.

Sugar (Olly) and Spice (Oona)
right before the afternoon nap :)
On my next shopping expedition, I'm thinking of getting more of these beddings. Not only are they lovely to snuggle in with the babies, they also make great caves for little bears (or tigers, Oona says) and padding for Olly who loves sliding from the bed to the floor. Since I have the plain and floral ones, I'll get a polka dot comforter next with different colored circles in different sizes. Olly is into prints right now and it's also how I taught Oona shapes when she was Olly's age.

My daughters are deep in slumber now. I'm actually using my cellfone to type this as they're snuggled up to me that I can't move without waking them up. *Sigh* I'm nearly ready to doze off myself! It's so comfy here with their fresh baby scents enveloping me and the warmth of our nest. Maybe, I'll snip off a little piece of this comforter when it's past its prime and keep it in a keepsake box. That way, I'll have something tactile to keep the memory of our wonderful times together.

I really wonder how my kids would remember their afternoons with me when they're older. Right now, I'd like to take this moment and this feeling of contentment, wrap it up and keep it in my heart. When I'm old and gray and feeling lonely, all I have to do is take out that memory and feel the warmth again. I love these girls so much!