Monday, April 13, 2009

Ooooooh!!! Free Frog Pods!

Summer's really here and if it's any measure of how hot it is outside, Oona and I take baths as much as 3x a day now. If we could live in the bathroom, we actually would! That's a thought I've had for a long time now. If it came to bunking down for survival in one room in the house, I'd apocalypse-proof my bathroom.

Anyhoo, a different apocalypse is happening with Oona's daily bathing spree. Since we don't have a kiddie pool, she plays with the gripo, the tabo and the timba. On occasion though, there's the odd plastic toy: a baby minnie mouse floater, a toy car, a screaming pink plastic ball or an empty plastic bottle.

What I find most trying is whenever I have to clean up after. She's not a fussy but the bathroom can be a wet disaster area that I have trouble keeping organized, dry and clean. (Only to repeat the clean-up operations again and again). Everytime nga that we go to the department stores, I always stop by the bathroom section to check out new stuff that would be cute BUT functional. 

A friend of mine, knowing I'm crazy for a good bargain, 
told me about Boon's Summer Promo available at all Rustan's stores nationwide! Whee! I *lurve* promos!!!
So, for a minimum purchase of Php 3,500 worth of any Boon products, we get a helpful bath organizer called the Boon Frog Pod for FREE!  Scoop, Rinse, and Store all your stuff in one go! 

The Frog Pod has a built-in shelf for your baby's bath products. It attaches to virtually any bathroom wall, so set-up is easy. The Frog Pod also has a removable scoop that provides a quick and easy way to pick up bath toys. The holes on the scoop makes it easy to rinse, drain and dry the toys for the next bathing adventure. The Frog Pod's fingers and toes act as hooks for hanging other bath accessories.

Boon Inc. is an incredibly innovative company that combines function with cuteness. Seriously. Kids love their colors and designs and as an adult, I find myself wishing we had these things as kids! I'm just thankful there are things like these because it makes cleaning up fun and interesting for kids. I checked out their website and there's a ladybug version of the Frog Pod, but I have yet to make a beeline for Rustan's to check out what's available for my shopper's itch! I'm sure RF and I would have to restrain ourselves yet again for our cash outlay's sake.
Hopefully, there'll still be a froggie friend left for me and Oona this weekend! I'm sure the Frog Pod can even do duty near the pool and on vacation trips. You don't have to pack and repack everything you and your kids need all the time. Just un-attach the Froggie from the wall with all the toys and bathing things attached and pack it, then reattach at your destination! Be careful you don't leave it behind though!  

So, hurry all you mommies and get your own FREE Boon Frog Pod now! Promo is good until April 30, 2009 or until supplies last.  

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