Monday, June 15, 2009


Being a SAHM usually takes you away from a lot of things that used to revolve around you. When you shop, you're always on the look out for the best thing to buy for your baby and your husband. When you surf, you're looking for things relating to your family and by-pass the information that used to intrigue you. When you eat out, you check out the places where it's child-friendly, there's a clean bathroom and there are high chairs. Oh and the food ought to be nutritious enough for your young child.

You seldom get out with friends or by yourself for an adult indulgence trip.

Enter an invitation for Blogger's Casino Royale Night at the newly hatching Resorts World. It doesn't get more adult and more fun than that, doesn't it? And providentially, hubby was on vacation leave so I had a dedicated baby sitter to leave Oona with for the June 10 orientation. The main event happens on the 26th of June but not to fall flat on the main "game night", other bloggers and I welcomed the orientation.

When we got there after meeting up in Makati (yes, in spite of the rally!), we found out that these events were their series of dry runs for the new staff that would populate the hotel due to open on August 8, 2009. The developers were also there to show us their plans for the "Live-Work-Play" concept they were working on for the entire property. The place we held the orientation night was the main building where training for all staff goes on: cooking, serving, housekeeping, card dealing, etc...I wouldn't be surprised if they held the security protocol training things at the back of the building and in the dead of night!

The entire concept is out of my experience so everything intrigued me. Plus being a fan of casino movies (Maverick, Ocean's Eleven, to name a few) didn't hurt! :D I was also intrigued with their plans for converting the entire space into what is virtually its own city. I liked that they expressed concern for the community around them through supporting the local economy via employment, using filipino-made products and elevating local service to world-class heights (butler-service for every guest!). I'm excited to see what happens in the next year when things are in full swing and the Philippine's first six-star experience makes its mark on the map of the hospitality and tourism world.

The mall plans were also incredible. What blew me away was the proposed weather-controlled environment of the mall "square". With green grass, trees and al fresco setting, nobody will have problems about being too hot or too wet because of the huge, clear glass-like ceiling that makes out like Hogwart's dining room, where there could be stars overhead or rain, but you never get exposed to whatever the elements are hurling down.

Note to self though: I was going through everything and I need to ask what their plans are for the environmental impact this complex would have. I am really interested in what they have done for waste management, conservation and renewable energy sources. Golf courses (which they have) take massive amounts of water and chemicals to maintain so I'm kind of concerned about that. Hey, I do rave about what I saw and what the plans are but I have got to think rationally about my kid's planet.

Anyhoo, the food they served us for dinner was also terrific as Faiye, Rizal and Ryan, my incredible tablemates would attest! Even Rizal managed to eat some of the main course, which was fish (which she normally doesn't touch). We absolutely loved the chinese hot and sour soup! We did end up askign the waiter what the chef used and on our tour afterwards, the chef gamely held up the bottle of chinese black vinegar he used. AMazing! All the way in the kitchen and he knew who asked what! I just felt that if it were the real deal, we'd find a bottle of the vinegar in our rooms, with compliments from the chef! And maybe a tray of foodies too! :D Well, our table were food people and we enjoyed everything they served. (I had my first bottle of Perrier too. I only liked the bottle.)

Moving on to the orientation for the card games, I can only say it was a riot being on the same Baccarat table with Rizal. We played with "play" chips, no money out, just to learn the game and for the dealers to practice their training on us "players". It was an exciting night as everyone got into the spirit of the games and had a tournament of sorts, narrowing the players to one last table of 7 people! After a neck and neck game, the emerging winner walked away with awestruck applause and special gifts from the hotel people!

Going home, everyone was hyped up for our next night: the REAL deal, where we would dress up to the nines like we were going to Vegas and hit the red carpet for one night where we could escape into a different world we only watched in the movies before this!!! :D (I'll keep everyone posted and next time, I'll post pics!)

Well, it was way past my baby's bedtime when I got back since I met up with two of my best friends afterwards. Although I enjoyed myself immensely, was happily out of whack from being up so late with all the excitement (getting old, not used to it anymore)...I was glad to know I've never been happier to be home. :)

So, until the next escape!

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

This Adorable Little Girl

'There's nothing I wouldn't do for her. Least of all, be there for her whenever and wherever. It's the smallest I can do for what she's done for me. Having her changed my life so very much, that I can hardly recognize myself. I know I'm not the best person ever nor the most perfect being on earth (and she does deserve the best and most perfect), but I'm working on it. To be the best I can be, to be as close to perfect , as snug a fit to the role of mom as I can be to this little person bursting with possibilities. To be good enough at least, for Her.

So don't feel sorry for me, staying home while the girls paint the town red or the boys take over the world. I'm not afflicted with something to be sad about nor 'saddled' with the responsibility. I didn't give up and neither will I regret getting out of the fast lane. I chose to bring this little girl into the world, the least I can do is slow down enough so we can see the world together.

I know I'm full of unrealized potentials and there are a million possibilities for me. I do miss the rush sometimes. But when I'm playing with her, singing silly songs and making funny faces because she likes them so much, am I really missing anything else of greater significance?

Oh I know some kids grow up to be ungrateful morons (god knows I had my moments) and she might end up hating me someday for some godforsaken reason I would never understand, but that's a risk I'm willing to take. I don't blame having her for the life I chose to lead, that would be unfair to both of us. I find it hateful hearing parents tell their kids that they gave up this and that for them. It burdens the kid with such misplaced guilt. Neither will I beat myself up too much should she and I drift apart. I would be devastated, but none of that guilt for either of us. (God help me.)

The way I figure it, the world won't tilt off its axis while I let others go fight the good fight and I stay home. Plenty of time later. But it's always too soon for her.

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