Saturday, October 17, 2009


Yes it's been quite awhile since I've been around. So much has happened and is still happening that I only really have time to check email and my facebook account. THAT'S IT. So updates in a nutshell would be:

1. I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant...between 5-6 months. Surprise baby, baby! Needless to say we're happily surprised and anxious, given how difficult the first pregnancy was.

2. Oona is 2years and 2months and is proud/excited to be big sister.

3. While I'm still mobile, I'm happily driving around in the little red family car. I terrorize all along the highway hell that is EDSA, plying the QC-Makati-QC route almost everyday to bring hubby to work and back home.

4. Still happily not working and relieved to be off my feet, so to speak. I'd rather use my precious time, blood, sweat and tears to raise my kids than raise other people. I'm happy to leave the conquering of new territory to others and the world can save itself without me for a good long while. Meanwhile, this new adventure is an awesome experience too good to pass up for ANYTHING. How can you exchange baby kicks and little kisses for a dog eat dog rat race? Yes, even with potty training and screaming mega-tantrums. I'll probably work at home, part time when the little ones permit in the future.

5. Our condo is up and we can move in by 2011. I'm looking forward to out-fitting the place up for our little family. I'm thinking the 3rd room could be our workshop/playroom. I've been daydreaming about getting back to painting. Of course the heavy mediums would be out for now since the kids would be in danger of the toxic materials. So I'll stick to aquarelle, gouache and pencils. The kids can even join me! That would be so exciting!!!

6. RF is going on the CIMA work-study program this coming year. It would accredit him internationally and personally, I think it'll be better than a Master's degree. After he finishes the course, he'll be more than eligible for posting anywhere in the world. A myriad of opportunities awaits him! I'm spanking proud of the hubby and I can't help but be inspired to think about study as well. We agreed that when time, finances and the kids permit, I'll pursue the design courses I've been keeping my eye on. Maybe even get a 2nd degree.

So far, these are the things I can post for now. So much other negative and positive stuff has happened but I haven't the time to expound. Suffice to say, real life has me heavily involved in offline activities so I haven't even gone back to Plurking (sigh). While I do miss my online sisters, it's either the preggy hormones demand I eat or sleep (at least, not forced bed rest) OR wifely/motherly duties prevail. Besides, the BPOs weren't the only ones affected by this year's financial crisis. You really find out what the luxuries in life are and what you can live without.

With Ondoy and Pepeng, we're also trying to help in our little ways. Oona experienced being the youngest "volunteer" at a soup kitchen my sister and her friends participated in for devastated Marikina. My dad has been going around to document the recovering displaced victims of the storms and calling his friends in various orgs to action, focusing on the psychosocial adjustments of children and families. So far, his efforts have not been in vain and they've started with medical missions as well. My mom cooked batches and batches of yummy arroz caldo to distribute to the tent cities around our locality. We may not have much, but we have willing hands, a few bucks for gas to get around and some means to help spread the word around for those in real need. Of course, I'm the designated driver and as much as I want to do more, it's really all I can contribute in my condition. Nevertheless, I'm still happy to have been able to do at least a small thing to help.

Anyway, I'll be renovating this blog and the others as well when real life permits my online life to resume. I do miss writing and I've such a backlog, I wouldn't know where to start when I do get back to writing here again. But I'm ok, the tribe's increasing and we're surviving.

I miss you all and I hope all is well with everybody too. :)