Monday, September 1, 2008


2. My husband, my true love.

RF and I never meant to become a couple. It's still a source of wonder, joy and amazement for me that we've lasted this long. I'm not bored nor tired of being with him. If anything, I need and want more of him to myself as a wife, his partner and best friend. I need and want more of him for our family as a Father and haligi ng tahanan as the saying goes, because he's doing it so well. If I am the Mother, the light of the home, he is our foundation, strong, firm, and holding us together, as lovingly as only he can.

We miss that he works nights and for extended shifts. But through it, he does more than enough to make sure that we are a family. It's a side of him that began to emerge from our early days as a newly-wedded couple; emerged in full at Oona's birth and continues to amaze me as we continue growing through experiences and situations as a family.

Sometimes, I wonder, in a fit of nostalgic disbelief, how and why I find myself married, with a child and all but domesticated. I had no plans for this, nor did I dream of it.

Then, when I look at the two of my most beloved sleeping amidst a sea of toys, baby bottles and blankets in a glorious mess, I am thankful and relieved for this undreamed of present-future.