Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spam Blogged Out!

I spent the past week and a half fixing up the blogs and setting up a "store" blog. The shopaholic widgets make my pages take forever to load, so I decided to put them all in one shopping page.

Last night, the hardest part was bending the blogger templates to my will, given that there seems to be a quirk with saving my work and an error would appear. But I was able to re-layout the page to make it look like my other pages with extra panels to accommodate a lot of widgets. I spent hours wrestling with CSS code and the usual html/xml mumbo-jumbo.

I went to sleep with a slight headache and my dreams full of frameset=char/script/noscript>.

Then I wake up to THIS --------------------->


Cue Music: *Psycho Shower Theme*


Apparently the blog I was making made their robots suspicious that a Spam blog was being constructed.

Kasi, I wasn't able to post any articles yet. I was still trying to make sure my Amazon widgets fit and if they looked good on the lay-out. Unfortunately because there were four links to Amazon when I turned in for the night and not much else that personalized the page by way of original content, I got shut down.

So now, I sent an unlock request to Blogger to prove I'm not someone else's robot bent on clogging the search engines and wasting human beings' time. And to further hammer it down to Blogger, I'm blogging about it too while I wait for the requisite 24 hours or so while a human being reviews Luscious Picks!

And if they still shut it down, I'll put up another one! I'll beat their robots' logic yet!