Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I spent the last few days mucking about in maintenance and other practical life matters, that I realized that I was backed up a few entries. So, to make up, here's the last of the Party Preps!


Since we couldn't splurge so much, if at all, I went gaga over Oona's invites.

TADAAAAAH! Likey? We too!

We sent one to the oddparents and re-sent a reminder to everyone a week ago.

We also posted the event on Facebook.

But people who are sometimes tamad as they are to RSVP or even go through email and mark their calendars, still managed to lose the details or forget until they're pestered about it.

Ang ku-cute ng gawa ko tapos 'di man lang binabasa! (But people still came so all's well!)

We still love them though and put it down to the comedy of errors with which most of our family events are usually marked (i.e. our wedding and Oona's birth).


Of course she has an outfit! Quite a few to be exact.

I loved being a little girl with all the girly trappings of ribbons and flounces. I want to make darn sure my little girl has her girlhood. There's going to be time enough for jeans and shirts anyway. And RF, more the fashionista these days than I am definitely agrees.

So, RF and I went on a serious hunt with Oonapotpot in tow, combing the malls in Makati.

Over at Greenbelt there was not much by way of boutiques that would fit our budget. Most are in the upper tier of income-spending. Still, it is always nice to walk through the park even during the rainy season.

At Glorietta, the dresses in the baby shops and children's section were adorable but were way over the budget and too gownish.

It was a pity there were only casual clothes at Gingersnaps. They don't have much by way of party frocks. Frou-frou was the order of day but we wanted Oona to be able to wear the dress for other formal occasions or just when she (rather, we!) feel the need for frills.

We went over to Landmark but the choices were limited to the long baptismal gowns in organza and tulle with matching bonnets Oona would hate. She just hates things on her head. We didn't want her dress to be impractical or itchy either. Girly was good and a bit of formality with personality, but nothing uncomfortable. I'd hate for her to develop a bad rash because of cloth. She would be wearing the dress all day and sweaty babies make for a grand tantrum for babies and everybody else.

Finally at SM Makati, we landed this pretty number! We were looking for Little Bitty but couldn't find it. Nevertheless, this seemed just right.

It's simple, we know, but you should see it on Oona! Shows off her chinita-ness, her skin and doesn't overwhelm anyone from the ultimate focus of attention: Oona.

Oh to have a daughter to dress up!

We had a bit of a problem with the shoes, as this is the best we could find. At least it's off-white too. Besides, nowadays she's in her sandals or barefoot, so buying a pretty pair she would be only be wearing once and would quickly grow out of, wouldn't be practical.

We also managed to snatch a dress that she could wear after for the party at Max's with a pair of tights and her squeaky sandals. It's the exact miniaturized version of Tita Diday's 70's retro mini dress. (We're daring her to wear it for the party. We'll see if she takes us up on that!)


We're going to buy a few extra candles and maybe, a few more giveaways if we can afford it. Pictures and coverage would probably be done the old-fashioned way. . . whoever has a camera, bring it and click away! As it happened at our wedding.

RF and I are still thinking of what to wear, but at least the more important bits are taken care of. We don't know what's going to happen on Sunday. We're nervous and excited, of course. I'm just hoping Oona enjoys the day as much as a one-year old can!