Tuesday, September 23, 2008



The best example of a baby carrier with a frame would be the American Indian papoose. It has a frame, straps and paddings.

Whenever we'd go malling, we tried using a similar, modern carrier and pouch. An inherited pouch was big and I personally felt it was too stuffy for Oona.

It isn't as comfy as a papoose would be. I was afraid she'd get crushed or something. Of course though I know it might be safe and even comfy for her, I'm a new mom and I'd rather err on the side of caution.

We were able to use this carrier when Oona was older but the straps, buckles and clasps were so fussy to put on that either she or RF would start getting cranky and we'd end up leaving the contraption at home.

We also felt that the paddings and the cloth was way too thick and hot for Oona. On a nice, cool day, we'd find her fussy in the carrier because she would be all sweaty. We were concerned she'd get sick and/or develop rashes so that plan went out the window quick.

We tried using this again now that Oona's bigger, but the straps and the general placement of the whole thing on me wreaks havoc on my sciatica and balance. Not to mention that it's still too fussy to put on.

We found another papoose-like pouch in the supermarket.

Honestly, we weren't supposed to get another one because RF was swearing off pouches as an un-needed expense and carrying Oona made less of a hassle than putting on a carrier.

On the other hand, RF was also starting to feel Oona's weight cramping his arms. I saw it was lighter and cheaper than the pouches we saw in the department store so I just snuck it into the grocery budget. If it didn't work, it wouldn't be too much of an expense. Amazingly, it was sturdy and both father and daughter seemed to like it!

The down-side to it was that it only came in one size and the straps couldn't fit me. So boo! for that. At least, Oona was more comfortable in this one than the first carrier.

It was sadly fast outgrown. But since it didn't cost an arm and a leg, we didn't have much regrets. We also felt that it was well used. After a few months, the snaps and the straps were getting to be too tight on Oona and kept popping open. This time, I was afraid that Oona might suddenly wiggle free or slip through the pouch onto the supermarket floor. I wasn't keen on proving that she was a bouncy baby girl that way.

So the hunt for a "perfect" baby carrier began.

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