Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ribbons and Bows For My Girls In a Row!

Ever since I had girls, I've held myself in tight rein over going absolutely nuts about dressing them up in frou-frou, frilly frocks and flowery ensembles. Their Dad absolutely adores his little girls and only a quick discussion over the price tags would keep us from running to the check out counter laden with armfuls of all things girly for our princesses. Really, if we won something like a mall-wide shopping spree, we'd clean out the shelves at the kids' clothing department in 15 minutes!

To satisfy myself, I'd promised myself that I'd DIY when I had the time and the kids are a little bigger not to be a hazard to themselves and my crafts area! However, since all of them are still at the insatiably curious stage, I'd have to be content with surfing around the web for great ideas for dresses and tutus! Oh, and bloomers! The frilly leg-bottomed, cool cotton children's bloomers like the vintage ones kids used to wear...I want those to protect the girls from mosquito bites, scrapes and gashes. Long jammies, stockings and pants are either awkward to wear for dresses or too hot and scratchy. However, the old-school classics are really light, cool on the skin and practical! And for our little Eva, pretty little baby bloomers !

Of course, we can't just have the pretty dresses! We have to have the hair accessories to go with their long, never-been-cut-since-birth hair! Hats, ribbons, bows, barrettes and baby headbands! Braids, french twists, pigtails, pony tails! Heck, I'd even spring for feathers and beads, tiaras and lace! I'm sure hubby would be so happy to see his princesses look so good but not suffer for it (cotton! hypoallergenics only!) :D

How adorable is this?!
Now, I should just have to figure out closet space for all their pretty things when I get started buying and making these things!