Sunday, July 8, 2012

3 Tools to Keep You Ahead of the Competition

Competition never disappears in the marketplace. Whether it’s a bid to gain new customers, get more product visibility or generate more sales, it requires substantial effort and investments to reach your business goals. But remember this: Huge efforts can easily be exerted if you have leverage. Below are three online tools you can use as leverage to propel your business venture to the next level:

When it comes to business names, the plethora of brands in the market may seem overwhelming for those just starting out. Aside from this, a name has to express so many things – your product, your statement and the company itself. 

What then could be more exciting than the prospect of having thousands of contributors coming up with a pool of ideas to help you get that perfect business name? Utilizing the power of crowdsourcing, PickyDomains delivers to you the essential services of a branding agency for a fraction of the cost. In business since 2007, PickyDomains has a broad base of more than 50,000 registered namers from all across the globe. Becoming a client takes only a few simple steps which can be done in minutes. You only need to register with the site, pay a downpayment of $50 for a name or $75 for a slogan and give your naming specifications. The service offers a money-back guarantee if you do not like any of the suggestions you receive for whatever reason.  

An interface that is similar to a social networking site that keeps communications between you and your employees flowing smoothly, task collaborations made easier with a task manager functionality, a document management system that enables users to store various types of files which can be easily shared and accessed, a time management system that ensures transparency and better streamlining of time spent on doing tasks, and a wide array of other features that are sure to blow you away - if you're a business owner, how much are you willing to pay to have all these? Thousands of dollars?

Now, how does getting them all for free sound to you? A company intranet and CRM all in one, Bitrix24 helps keep your company organized and efficient at no cost at all, if your business has a maximum of 12 people. An upgrade to unlimited users only costs $99 per month. A couple of other winning features of this service are its availability and accessibility in mobile format, as well as the support that comes with it.

Efficient and fast are two things that would characterize this meta search engine which accesses information from 728 airline sites and hundreds of other flight and ticketing sites. With JetRadar, what this means is that there is no longer any need to hop from one airline site to another as you go in search of the best deals, particularly if you travel frequently for business purposes. The site also comes with a guarantee of no added charges aside from what you are shown - a great way to save time and money, whether it be business or leisure travel.