Monday, November 15, 2010

The Luscious Dare: Eat Smart, Eat Healthy, Eat Right

I decided to go for balancing food intake, gently cleansing my system and letting go of bad eating habits as far as dieting went. I couldn't go all out on detox or dieting to the max because when my body flushes out toxins, Olly might ingest whatever they are through my breastmilk.

I had to replant the thought in my head that whatever I put in my mouth is what I feed Olly but it doesn't give me an excuse to binge on whatever I want.

Water and fiber are the main components of my diet as I need to be hydrated and to help my body "sweep out" toxins efficiently.

In the morning I drink a liver tonic to help it process waste properly and for breakfast, bulk up on fiber. Remember, you put on and keep weight because your body is not able to process and eliminate the waste you accumulate. You really are a walking bag of toxic biowaste! Haha :P That's a nice way of saying the obvious!

Apple Cider Vinegar,
Honey and Water
Anyhoo, the liver tonic is as follows:

Mix 1 tbsp of Apple Cider vinegar (I use Bragg's, available in any supermarket) or 1 tbsp fresh squeezed calamansi or lemon with 1 tbsp of Honey in a glass or mug of hot water. Sip it like tea first thing in the morning before any breakfast.

Our livers should be taken care of as they help process waste and keep our blood healthy. So if you have liver problems or just want to keep your liver healthy, then a cleansing liver tonic might be what you need. Helps me poop and maintain pH balance too. My sister also swears that it helped settle her hyperacidity (weird enough).
I also mix a sachet of Cillium with another glass of water for added fiber. By now I've had 2 glasses of liquid.

For breakfast, I soak a bowl of muesli in hot water. When it's all soft and mushy, I mix in a teaspoon of honey. It may not look much but the dried fruit, oats, nuts and grains are really heavy. They expand further in your tummy giving you a full feeling like pasta does.

Some whole wheat bread with butter or jam follows if I'm still peckish but usually a mug of hot coco or water with the muesli is enough.

After 30minutes, when my stomach's started digesting, I drink my supplements with another tall glass of water. That would be the Luxxe Slim, Luxxe Protect, malunggay and calcium.

For lunch, I've opted out of rice since I tend to heap it on my plate. I have soup, bread, vegetables, and fruit instead. If there's pasta, I try to control consumption by drinking lots of water again. I stay away from too much salt and sugar. So that means no soft drinks, iced tea or juice.

Merienda snacks consist of bread or crackers and fruits. Cheese and yoghurt are good too. Then lots of water.

Dinner would simple fare as well, soups, vegetables, fish or chicken and some bread.

After 30 minutes, I drink Luxxe Slim, Luxxe Protect, malunggay and iron (only when I have my period).

SO far it's been more than a month and my body's gotten used to this diet. I haven't craved for rice after the first three days and I've lessened my bread servings as well. I only have enough carb to maintain good levels of it in my system as I still need some and I've given up pork as well.

In a nutshell:

HAVE: Lots of hydration
            Vitamins and Mineral Supplements
            Proteins (fish, chicken, pork or beef)
            Complex carbs (brown rice, if you have some...whole wheat breads)

DON'T: Sweets

DON'T STARVE YOURSELF or else your body will go int ofamine mode and start slowing metabolism down and storing fat. Eat something when you feel hungry, but the key is to EAT SMART, RIGHT AND HEALTHY! Keep your body happy and clean and the pounds will drop away :)

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