Friday, November 5, 2010

So Yummy Soya! SOYAMI Snacking On A Friday Afternoon

I seldom get to see friends, let alone go to events, that the October 22 rains could not stop me from hauling the kids and my mom out to the Soyami Chips Launch at Active Fun's SM North Annex Branch. Just getting there was an adventure in itself as we were all over the metropolis, getting stuck in traffic with the rain and excited children on board. We met up with sexy bloggerista mom delisyus  (currently very preggy Mec) and her entourage (Yakee and Ate Gang) in Makati and was only able to make it to the other end of the world after more than two hours! Much to the relief of everyone, the two pre-schoolers and the baby weren't too much to handle. The kids just got a little bit worried that we adults were not really going to bring them to the "playground" like we had promised as the trip was getting to be too long for them.

photo courtesy of Mec Arevalo :)
Oona had been excited about Active Fun for quite some time now as we always passed by the SM Annex branch on our way into the mall from the parking lot. Whenever we come across any branch for that matter, there would be balloons and kids playing inside on slides, jungle gyms and colorful mats that RF and I are hard-pressed not to give in to her pleas to let her play in the "playpen". So now, with the added bonus of her new friend Yakee, her excitement and happiness knew no bounds.

Yakee and Oona
Active Fun's aim is to encourage exercise through fun, active play and social interaction among kids in a safe, friendly envronment. Nowadays, when kids can't seem to get enough of computer games and other electronic nannies, it's really refreshing to see a place concerned with getting kids out of the couch potato danger zone. Being on a journey to health myself, I want my  kids to develop an appreciation of physical activity, sweat and all! Healthy active bodies, healthy active minds, right? I don't want them to develop the health difficulties I have now from a sedentary lifestyle so it's really important for me to start them on good habits this early.

Apple Morales
Apple Morales, Active Fun SM North's franchise owner, even shared with us how much it's meant to her own son to be able to play with the kids who frequent the place. Since he's always wanted a younger sibling, Active Fun has given him the extra joy of having so many little kids to be big brother to. You can see just how proud she is of her warm, caring boy! It's really validating for a mother to know how she's raised a beautiful human being!

This is just one side
of the HUGE play yard!
Photo courtesy of Mec Arevalo :)
I was very happy to observe how hygienic they were (SOP's: socks and disinfect hands with alcogel) and how well-attended the children were by the warm and engaging aides. There was even a camera hooked up to a TV so you can get a better view of what goes on inside while you're outside waiting.

While Yakee and Oona were playing in the huge play yard, Mec and I joined other mommies in sampling Soyami Chips, a healthy snack made from soya. Apple and Howie explained to us how they believe that healthy snack alternatives should be available to kids and since they offer food and refreshments inside Active Fun, this idea came at the perfect time.

And what could be healthier than soybeans? Soya provides the body with a lot of vitamins and minerals. Studies also show that it helps the body fight against diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and even certain cancers!

The beans used for the Soyami chips are organic and non-GMO. That means little to no chemicals were used in growing these soybeans. Even when processed, the chips are kept healthy as they are made without added preservatives, no MSG (which I'm allergic to), 0% transfat and with very low salt levels. Very high in protein and fiber, the Soyami chips help give you more energy to keep your body healthy and on the go.

Olly enjoys the soya chips!
Courtesy of Mec Arevalo :)

Packaged in three flavors, Soyami comes in yummy Original, White Cheddar and Pizza. I liked the pizza flavor best and I really couldn't stop crunching on it! Good thing it was guilt-free, healthy snacking or else my health journey would be shot! Even Olly liked munching on it!

So watch out for the newest healthy snack alternative, yummy Soya chips SOYAMI and snack healthy! Soyami Chips would be available in leading groceries and supermarkets soon. Of course, Active Fun outlets would have this healthy snack alternative readily available in all its branches too! To find out more about this yummy snack, you can visit them here or better yet, hop on over to the Active Fun outlets, let the kids enjoy the play yards and let your taste buds feast on these crunchy munchies!

I really enjoyed going out that Friday especially since the kids had so much fun (even Olly!). I met up with mommy blogger friends, was able to check out a great new kid-friendly place, and had the Soyami Chips experience! When it was time to go home, I knew how Oona felt cos she didn't want to go "so soon". She had made friends in the play yard, aside from "her Yakee", and she had gained a lot of confidence to explore on her own amidst new faces. For me, it's a definite sign that my baby's growing up well and it's assuring me that she's gaining valuable socialization skills.

I'm happy to know that I'm validated as a mom with how confident Oona is and how Olly, the happy baby smiles at everyone. I'm even happier to know that there are places I can bring them to that are safe and clean and that there are alternatives to keep them healthy, hearty and happy!

Active Fun Branches


Hobbies Mall, Macapagal Blvd.

Westgate Center, Commerce Ave.

Fun Ranch, Frontera Verde
Ortigas Ave., C5 Pasig City

The Annex, 3rd Floor
North Ave. cor. EDSA, QC