Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm A Believer

The wonderful people of Nuffnang and Yehey! invited me and other moms to participate in the Bedtime Discoveries of J&J. For the first few events, I was sadly unable to go as I was 1. Near my due date! 2. In labor, and 3. Recovering! Lolz :D How incredible was that? I heard it was really fun and the events were a success.

Fortunately, I was able to catch the very last event celebrating the value of good sleep in babies' growth and development. I was able to see some of my friends, make new ones and feel assured that I AM on the right track concerning the steps I take to ensure my girls get a good night's rest.

Mommy Leirs, whom I haven't seen for over a year!
Pretty Mommy Erlyn and Mommy Leirs!
Doting Mommy Josephine with a sleepy Olly :D
Oops! Someone took Mommy Erlyn's pic and the flash was too bright!
Olly's thought bubble seems to be, "Whut?"
I was able to bring Olly while Oona and Daddy dropped by Lola's for a quick visit. As you can see, Olly was  sleepy for her mid-morning nap but because it was a bit noisy at Aquaknox (yummy vietnamese food!!!), she couldn't settle down. She was sleepy but it was also very exciting for her. She kept looking around, smiling and cooing at everyone who talked to her. Lolz! My baby's first event! :D

The complete Bedtime line!
We got the Bedtime bath, lotion and powder :) Yay!
I wasn't able to take a pic of my swag though as I had my hands full with Olly :D
I was also very happy when J&J thoughtfully gave us Bedtime Gift Packs with the bath, powder and lotion so we can put into practice what we learned about establishing routines for our babies to wind down for sleep. During nighttime sleep is when our bodies regenerate, heal and in our babies' new bodies, develop  (There was a very lovely, durable bag too, waterproofed with purple plastic inside so it's perfect to hold baby stuff!)

I've always been a J&J baby so now that I have kids of my own, I use J&J on them too. Of course there wasn't a Bedtime line in my infancy but the principle of touch therapy and bedtime routines have been part of the family tradition for as long as I can remember. It's reassuring and refreshing to know that tradition is fully supported by science and modern studies. What makes this routine even more special is the influence of aromatherapy in the formulation of this line. Lavender does have a calming property and its essential oil is good for the skin. Perfect for babies, toddlers and me too! :)

Go to, people! Find out more about what good sleep can do for your kids. Check if you're already doing it! :)