Friday, September 10, 2010

How's Your Baby Sleeping? And Free Gift From J&J :)

Oona and Olly hadn't been sleeping well lately due to their recent bout with the cold bug that seems to be going around. What helped them through the nights of stuffy noses, occasional fevers and general discomfort was a drawn out bedtime routine. That, and a lot of paglalambing. You know how it when anyone's are sick, they really love being babied! :D

Now that they're better, the bedtime routine is somewhat back to its normal pace. Some quiet play before washing up or a bath (depends on their level of activity before bedtime), brushing teeth (for Oona), change them into pajamas, a fresh diaper for Olly and then our lights are dimmed. Sometimes Oona picks a book to read with me or we just lie down talking about the day quietly while Olly rolls around, expending the last of her energy and winding herself down. Then Oona has a small bottle of watered-down milk to drink (I'm gently weaning her from having it at nighttime) and Olly breastfeeds, both nodding gently off to sleep as we cuddle all smooshed together in bed.

I really appreciate that I have all the help I can get from everyone around me and everything I use to help them feel better really works. There's the aciete alcamforado, the aciete manzanilla and the J&J Baby Bedtime Wash and Oil. The scents relax me too so all of us are more relaxed before floating off to sleep and we wake up really refreshed in the morning.

Yes, I could do with longer sleep myself. But without the help I get, I can't imagine how much more frazzled I'd be and how much the quality of sleep my babies get would suffer.

To help J&J, please participate in this survey for all moms concerned with products for our babies. There's even stuff to be had at the end! :)