Friday, December 24, 2010

Gift Giving Inspirations

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are 100% mine.

Every year, picking out presents seem to ping-pong from extremely easy to extremely hard and never in between! What was perfect for someone one time is now a huge no-no: the child who liked dolls now rolls her eyes at Barbie and would love a make-up kit even if she's just twelve years old. *Sigh* Don't be in such a hurry to grow up, sweetie!  

Stocking stuffers and gift baskets are the best solution, it's really a handy dandy kit or care package to show you care about the person's needs AND wants. It also says a lot about the thoughtfulness of the giver (ME! haha :D). I love the idea of little handy, useful things that one can just grab in the nick of time. Stuff people won't just stick in the back of their closets or recycle for next year's gifts like lip gloss, a handy mirror, a mug, coin purses, catch-alls or even those cute paper clips for receipts. Pier 1 has great bargains in-store and on the website that would make your toughest gift enigma get all googly-eyed!

As for wrapping, the container should be as useful or reusable as the holiday gifts that keep on giving :D Forget about the paper bags, the bows and boxes! Minimize your carbon imprint and help reduce pollution (Do you know how much waste material is generated after the holidays? TONS! Imagine how much gift-wrapping paper is disposed of in one single Christmas weekend!).

A Christmas Boot!I like this one to hang on the mantel for myself rather than the old-fashioned Christmas stocking! Well, for the kids, the huge, happy snowman decorated socks would be fine but for adults, THIS IS IT. I'm sure Rei, my best friend, would agree! A high-heeled boot, no less. But no, you can't wear it.

Stuff this one with pens, a small notebook (I'm old-fashioned that way for for jotting down grocery lists and pediatric appointments), a small pair of earrings (to go from Frumpy to Dressy in an instant), a bracelet, eyeliner, a purse hanger and whatever else moves you to give a Mom with kids to make their life a little easier and a bit more special and Oomph-ier (Scented Bubble Bath goodies and Aromatherapy candles!).

If it all don't fit in the boot, take the boot and stuff a basket or a bag instead! Since there's more space, there's more room for goodies a Mom can be shown how much she's appreciated :D

Like this bag of Mommy treats, for instance ... Scented goodies, tea, a mug, an ornamental accessory organizers, bangles, a purse and I'm pretty sure there's a shawl, a book and other surprises in there somewhere!

Plus the bag is huge and durable enough for the tough duties Mom bags go through in the course of a day!

Whatever gift you give, no matter the monetary value, just be inspired by the person you're giving the gift to. I'd like to think that during the course of the year, from one Christmas season to the next, our family and friends are sort of "provided for" with the little thoughtful things we felt would help them through every day. Be it a practical sort of thing, or the kind that would make them feel a little better after a long day.

After all, it's always the thought behind the gift, right?

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Happy holidays all! :)

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