Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is just around the corner and we at my mommy group were hankering for a partay! Of course the inevitable exchange gift was discussed and it put in mind what one would want for christmas aside from peace, love and hope for all mankind.

For myself I'd like:
A Laptop, capable of graphics work
Wacom pen tablet, the reliable graphire would do if they still make it!
A small, fast external portable hard drive, a terra most preferably!
A dslr with a tripod, macro and zoom lens, flash and hood.
Portable sewing machine, child and idiot proof!
An adjustable easel, since I gave mine away or it got lost.
Aquarelle watercolor since gouache is too heavy for me.
Nice, heavy textured watercolor paper and paper tape
Watercolor brushes, since i gave the good ones away and the ones i have left have given up the ghost.
Child-safe paints for mural painting with thick brushes for small hands.
Rembrandt chalk pastels in that nice wooden box and paper in eggshell and cream.

Makeup. By mac and nishido or mary kay.
Hair makeover with highlights.
Shoes in wedge and like espadrilles, with lots of ribbons for tying up. Think amazon goddess. Worship or die! Black betty boop pinup heels won't hurt either.
Frilly undergarments. I like frills.

Bikes for me, rf and oona with safety gear.
Skechers shape up rubber shoes for me.
Ab rocket. Haha.

*** will continue as the days unroll :D