Friday, December 10, 2010

Choosing A Holiday Ham: The Premium-Cut Ham

One of the most important food of the Noche Buena table is the holiday ham. While there are a number of meat brands everyone is familiar with, there are three things that makes the the premium-cut ham a cut above the rest.

First, the Holiday Ham should be made from one whole boneless meat from the hind leg, the best cut of pork for hams. Hind leg ham is tastier and meatier compared to the more common shaped hams. Shaped hams are already processed and although brands would use meat from the other parts of the pork, nothing can beat the goodness found only on the hind leg of pork.

Second, the net marks attests to a high-quality smoked ham. Only whole-meat hams can be smoked in ham nets because if it isn’t, pieces would fall off.

Lastly, no extenders. The appearance, taste and texture tell the truth. The ham is meat, juicy, and flavorful, and consumers really get the best value for money.

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Apple iPad up for grabs

To make the holidays a cut above the rest, Holiday Ham will be giving out an Apple iPad tablet computer. Interested parties need only to register with their name, Facebook page URL, mobile phone number, and email address. It’s that easy!

The registration is on the Holiday Ham website and is open until December 20, 2010.