Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Kid Rocks The Classics

We've been spending the past three weeks at my parents' house. Typical of a household of artists, Oona's been getting a music education courtesy of my family's collection of CDs ranging from Vivaldi to Yngwie Malmsteen, from the Beatles to the PussyCatDolls. So far, we found out Oona's got a taste for the classics: Chuck Mangione, Jimi Hendrix, the Zombies and most especially, Velvet Underground. She's been swaying, jumping, hopping and bopping (with the occasional wiggle here and there) in an evolving interpretative dance routine. She's managed to insert significant pauses and facial expressions into the programme as well!

We're still waiting to see what other stuff she likes and if this musical journey will somehow transform her into another Einstein, Eisenstein or just give her a weird taste in music her future Kindergarten class will find so unique, it will merit a mention in their school yearbook. 

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Meg Lim said...

I think it's so cool your baby's into the classics!