Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Busy Bee Mommy!

8 July 2008


Nope that wasn't a typo. The BUSY symbol has been permanently attached to my YM since time immemorial (a little over a month ago). And there's no chance of it ever coming down.

Poor excuse not to be writing in but there it is. I am near to being sick of the sight of a computer monitor. But must make time for this every once in awhile!

So...updates, updates! Rewind!

A month or so ago: I used to be Assistant Studio Director for a nice little art services studio. Then I am not. The particulars, which would be savory tidbits for industry gossip over coffee, cigarettes or whatever your favorite poison would be, will not be aired *here*. I haven't been sufficiently provoked...yet. So no evil laughter inserts at the moment.

So career-wise, I have reincarnated in the space of a month from being ASD to my old favorite: Troubleshooter (which is what an ASD is, only I get to work in my pajamas).
I wield a mighty pen tablet over Photoshop these days than the almighty memo. I worry about color than the million managerial worries that used to plague me in my old life. I am doing color for comics and flexing long unused Photoshopping muscles to help jumpstart an old dream. And yes, busy up to my eyeballs, sick of my monitor, the seat of my pants acquiring the general shape of my office chair, and on top of that, I'm SO loving this.

It was hard working for someone else's dream, but it's harder working for yours.

With my former boss, we're putting up a little something.
We figure we're too old and ornery to work for someone else again and it was the universe telling us to materialize our dreams now instead of putting it off. No time like the present and all that. So officially, we put up our OWN little art studio and I'm ASD still. Unofficially, I'm put wherever I'm needed. Troubleshooter. I'm not much into titles but I'll take that anytime.

Other than work, I play with Oona, go out on occasion on dates with the ever lovable wise-ass Mr. F and assorted family and friends, catch up on reading, binge on episodes of Bones and reconnect with the human race. I find that I really like the respite from two years of stupid office drama and politics.

But busy is still busy does, believe me. Nowadays since we're starting up from scratch, I only have two times: Work time and Other time. Work is work and Other is the category wherein everything else that doesn't involve the computer falls under. It's a strict rule. It's like leaving work at the office. Only I work at home, so a little mental adjustment will have to do.

Hopefully soon I'll have more time to invest in Other time when things get better with Work time. Oona's growing up so fast and I'm nowhere getting any younger. But...Konting tiis na lang. Just a little bit more patience.

Such is the price of dreams.


Jonas Diego said...

That little something is quickly turning into a monster. Ha ha ha! :D

Laya G. Florendo said...

any more of it and i'll whip out the angry mob kit complete with pitchfork, torch and peasant garb. they're running a special wherein you get free effigies to burn. >:P

balbona said...

Ang cute ni Oona!!!!