Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My First Tag!

28 April 2008, Thursday

Things are getting heavier with my posts lately so I thought something light should provide the proverbial breather until the next "heavy" post.

My on-line soul sistah Mec tagged me recently with the "Desktop Tag". Tags are FUN. Tags are the computer age's Getting to Know You/Show and Tell game. I lurve games! *heart*

So here's my desktop!

1. My desktop has a downloaded wallpaper called Digital Love. I used to have my hubby's face plastered on the screen but it was hazardous to my health as I kept getting caught staring at it like a lovesick teenager on weed. I'll never get any work done if I had my drooly little baby's picture either so I was safe with an abstract representation of the loves of my life.

My icons are on the left side (yep, your left) and my PostIt Lite notes are haphazardly posted all over the majority of the upper right.

Not really very neat, but I know where everything is.

2. Yes. At the moment, I have a bazillion windows open: surfing, email, IM. It's not half of what I usually have open. It's a slow day today and my eyes are a little tired so I don't have Photoshop open. I just finished typing up stuff so I just closed Microsoft Word down.

So there, my work desktop. Later I'll post my home desktop, Mec! :) I tag the few bloggy friends I have: Jonas, Caroline, Johnny, Yaz, Mommy Pheng, G&Chief and Kitts for when they're not saving the world from monsters and they're looking for something to do.



A Print A Day said...

nge. my desktop is so boring!

Laya G. Florendo said...

LOL! ok lang yun no! it is still interesting to see what your desktop is like. :D