Monday, March 10, 2008

The Clinic Chronicles: Part 4

And Baby Makes Three

“Is that my baby?”

I swear, my nose gets stuffy so fast, I was breathing out my mouth.

“Yes ma’am. That’s the sac, the little circle is where your baby is getting the nutrients. See that thread-like thing? That’s a tiny umbilical cord and the little pulsing thing at the bottom is your baby.”

I wasn’t full on crying,

I was holding it in for dignity’s sake but I did get a headache from trying to tamp down the waterworks. The monitor was getting blurry so I think I pretty much leaked enough.

She said we’d get copies, like snapshots of the bean.

It was just simply incredible. Ginormous.

I know its so cliché but I never felt such a deep-down kind of joy. I’m sure the technician sees things like this everyday so I hope she hasn’t grown numb being witness to the miracle of life. It’s simply awesome to be part of The Moment.

Mr. F and me plus the little bean….our little sprout.

We were going to be a family.


gil & cecile said...

Congratulations Laya on being a mother and taking steps to parenthood. Am sure you will treasure and cherish these steps of motherhood. You need to take extra care of yourself too.

Chief and I had our little share of parenthood but lost CG along the way. But we continue to try.


Laya G. Florendo said...

hi gil! thank you for stopping by! yes, it's an incredible journey to be on. one i wouldn't exchange for any other adventure to be had.

i believe once we had a taste of parenthood, we never stop being parents...from one parent to another, i feel you!

don't stop trying. you, chief and cg, from where your little angel is, have so much life and love to share.

bless you!

Kitts said...

hi laya!

my guess is you're using scrapbookflair? hihi.. anyways, for starters i download free digikits here:

you might want to join phpdigiscrappers ;)

Laya G. Florendo said...

hi kitts! i *was* using scrapbookflair pero i wanted to do so much more that i ended up transferring files to photoshop and just playing with them there. i'm starting a scrapblog soon with the results. :D hihihi! i so love shabbyprincess! i also came across, freedigitalscrappers and designer digitals. ang saya!!! thanks for the tip ha? i'll be bugging you every now and then, if you don't mind! :)

beth said...

Hello! Your blog was passed on to me Yas. :)

I know that feeling of suddenly becoming three. We had our baby girl in July last year. Time has gone so fast! Looking at her now, I still cant believe she used to be a tiny little squirt!

How did your husband react at the sight of the little bean? My husband blurted that she looked like Homer Simpson. :P

Laya G. Florendo said...

hi beth! our bean makes her appearance august of last year. watch out for that story sometime in the future on this blog :D LOL sounds like a plug for a television episode!

anyhoo, when my hubby saw th eultrasound, he was too embarassed to bawl, but he was close to it! he blurted out she looked like a peanut! he was speechless at first tho! when she came out, he was also speechless and everything happened too fast for him to emote (or so he says. i think he was just embarassed!) hehe! :)