Sunday, August 8, 2010


So it HAS been a long long LONG time since i've really blogged. Now that oona's a blur of activities and well-spring of questions, and olly's becoming quite the crawler, it's a wonder i can still think straight, let alone write! I'm guessing i do need this outlet to feel like i haven't totally given up my brain cells to the evolution of the species.

Anyhoo, spring cleaning through my drafts, i came across this entry from last year :) it's unfinished so i'll just fill you all in about what happened later on in succeeding posts :)

7 july 2009
This month saw us incredibly busy. I could only check emails, plurk and facebook occasionally. Now that my hubby and our energizer bunny of an offspring is on their weekly visit to Lola Mamang, I have finally the time to sit and blog.

It used to be that blogging is the past time/hobby, but I find that it serves me pretty much like reading or my journal writing when pen and ink were the norm. I only wish I could have my own little laptop so I can do the writing under some trees like I used to. Oh well, for now I'm stuck in front of a computer surrounded by wires and airconditioned - er, air.

So anyway, updates! I've been a busy little mommy this past few and I'm happy with the way everything's turned out. Exhausting as this past month has been, I can say that fixing up the family house and having our own room has truly been worth the sweat and late nights.

On to the family report! :)

I. Oona

My Oonapotpot has been an intense bundle of development this past month. She's developed a YouTube ABC binge quite suddenly and can more or less "sing" with you by now. I usually let her watch Sesame Street, Nursery Rhymes or whatever hits her fancy on YouTube while I work on another window. Then one day she just kept asking for the ABC song over and over again! "'Sa pa! 'Sa pa!" It didn't matter if different artists sang it or there were different renditions and accompanying visuals, she wanted it. We actually came across a frog saying the alphabet in french. Curious, I let it play on and was amazed when Oona listened and repeated the letters after the frog did! French! Well, phonetically it's almost the same but still, I was so proud of her. :) Even before going to sleep she's added the ABC song to her sleepy time repertoire along with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I Have Two Hands and Eensy Weensy Spider.

Another time, she somehow figured out that batteries make some of her toys run and to open the panel, a screw driver is needed. She asked me to open one toy and while I was absentmindedly trying to open it with my nail, she disappears and pops up later, handing me a screwdriver! I didn't even know she was aware of the tool and its use, let alone where to get it! I was just so amazed, I couldn't stop praising her! I even plurked it, proud momma that I was!

We've lately moved her to her own cot, just right next to our bed. She's shown an awareness of having her own space so I took it as a cue that it was time to introduce her to the concept of her own sleeping area. So far, we haven't had any problems or tantrums about it. Of course it helps that the change is gradual since we're just right there next to her since our beds are on the floor, within cuddling distance. I know it sounds like there isn't any difference, but trust me, there is! She knows where she's supposed to be and where Mommy and Daddy are. But sometimes, especially on early mornings, she groggily rolls over from her side to our side. She would crawl over me to squeeze between me and Daddy for a longer, snugglier snooze. She is still our baby after all! :D

II. Dos

With that in mind, we had another motive for starting Oona on her own bed. Like I said, I've been a very busy Mommy and in more ways than one! Apparently, the healthy diet at my mother's house and the exercising I'm doing has done more than enough for my body. I lost weight!!! YEY! I can fit in my regular jeans (not my fat pants) and my corsets again! And I can keep up with Oona's running. YAY! :D AAAAAnnnnd...I am officially a few weeks preggo.

SURPRISE!!! :):):)

We weren't expecting another baby so soon! I mean, we've been talking about giving Oona a baby brother or sister and what it would feel like to have a son or another daughter. We just didn't think the stars would align, my body would permit and nature would grant us another baby at this time. It's just too mind-blowing! I can't stop smiling :D

My only pseudo-regret is that I haven't had the chance to make good my promise that I'd wear a bikini for summer! Now, just when I've begun to lose the flab, I'm going to be wearing a lot more flabby, flappy parts in about a few months time. *SIGH* I'll be a human balloon again.

On the upside, I've been wondering how it would feel to have a baby move inside me again. What new discoveries would this lead me to? Would the experience be the same as the first time? Would this be harder or easier? What would i crave now?
Now fast forward to about a year later! What a time capsule! :)