Friday, March 27, 2009

ABC's of Mommyluscious

Thanks to Joanne for this meme! Sorry took so long! :D

A. Attached or single ? — Attached to RF for life!

B. Best friend? — Top two are Rei and Jonas

C. Cake or pie? — Cake on occasions, pie on ordinary comfort food days.

D. Day of choice? — Sunday. Such a lazy day!

E. Essential item? — can't live without my celfone! with a rambunctious child, emergencies happen! 

F. Favorite color? — wine red/burgundy!

G. Gummy bears or worms? — Green and the pale yellow gummy bears 

H. Hometown? — Quezon City

I. Favorite indulgence? — brigitte bardot night! perfume, lingerie and hot scented baths with pasta, wine and chocolate mousse

J. January or July? — January, most definitely!

K. Kids? — One kulit little cutie!

L. Life isn’t complete without? — My family, God's gift to me!

M. Marriage date ? — Sept. 17, 2005

N. Number of magazine subscriptions? — None

O. Orange or apple? — Depends...i like fresh orange juice and apple juice but i dislike peeling the oranges and biting into the apples.

P. Phobias? — i HATE needles.

Q. Quotes? — You only live once!

R. Reasons to smile? — Hubby, family, true friends: Gifts of the Goddess!

S. Season of choice? — Christmas and Summer!

T. Tag 5 people — Rei, Jonas...still thinking!!!

U. Unknown fact about me?— I wanted to be an astronaut.

V. Vegetable ? — Anything that can be put in a salad.

W. Worst habit? — picking at my cuticles til they bleed. it's stress-related.

X. X-ray or ultrasound? — Ultrasound...more interesting. Though X-ray is much less invasive!

Y. Your favorite food(s)? — Cook it, i'll eat it, then I'll decide if i like it! Basta pagkain, madali akong kausap! :D Pero ultra favorite food ko according to my husband is anything with rice! HAHAHAHA!

Z. Zodiac sign — Aquarius! Ang sign na kulang-kulang! 

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