Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the weekend odyssey

i had a doozie of a weekend to cap the peach of a week, to say the least. For starters, the project i was working on barely made it to its preview because just when i was exporting it, a particularly nastehhh virus chose that time of all times, to make an appearance. From the usb flash drive of my unsuspecting client, who can only speculate where it came from, it jumped to my poor pc. It embedded itself in the windows system32 folder, making it a part of my platform, i think that's what it's called, and autolaunching on start up. It converted all my folders into application folders with a .exe added to the folder names, replicating itself through all my directories and drives. (not to mention replacing my sleek windows xp folder icons with ugly, tacky folder graphics from computer stone age!)

The virus slowed down my processors by as much as 50% then i couldn't access my admin panel at all. At first i thought it was the newfolder.exe virus but apparently this one is called the fuvirus.exe...um, virus. I don't know what the 'fu' means either but i think it means 'f*ck up'. I so hate viruses and their programmers. You may be geniuses but you suck! Why don't you guys do something useful for a change, like an idiot cure you could use on yourselves?!

Since my free norton anti-virus had already expired, i figured that's how this got through. I was able to download avg 8 but installing it became another nightmare. It kept telling me i had other anti-virus programs running while i already uninstalled everything, even going so far as to tweak and clean the registry entries in regedit with a registry cleaning program. Then, it would show me an installation error. Various messageboards identified the error as a permissions issue so i 'permitted' and 'allowed' everything i possibly could. But still, no go. I wanted to forego reformatting until i've exhausted all possible solutions (or i scream bloody murder).

There doesn't seem to be specific entries about this sort on google. It seems to be impossible that i could be the first hit this bad. I tried norton, mcaffee, bitdefender...no fuvirus in their virus directories!

As of now, i have bitdefender on, but i also have secure task manager running to block the virus. It's helped a tiny bit, this band-aid solution while i look for a cure. At the very least, it's shown me where the pest nested originally (the system32 folder) and a few telling characteristics (autolaunching, poses as a legit program and is hidden/can therefore escape detection by most anti-viruses).
Courtesy of the trial task manager guard, the virus announced its presence with a cheeky 'welcome to fuvirus!' message! Oooh the b@strd! Me want to smash! GRRAAA!

So much for my pc. And the moral of the story is a bad safe sex analogy, as i'm sure you can guess. Always use protection and don't 'consort' with strangers.

But wait! There's more! That's just the first of my long weekend woes. Stay tuned for more as my thumbs are going numb from posting via my cel. It's not easy even with autospell on.

I so HATE viruses. *kick*

(Anybody who knows what to do short of reformatting the entire thing, please feel free to put me out of my misery!

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