Sunday, November 23, 2008

christmas countdown!

a few more days and the christmas season is officially here! sooo...a break from my scroogy posts: i'm thinking of getting me, rf and oona in a christmas theme photo.

i know it sounds corny and i would definitely have cringed at the thought two years ago. but now, i really think oona would look sooooo CUTE in a little santa claus hat or maybe even the entire outfit! i didn't get to put her in a creche or a little baby angel costume last christmas because i was just so blaaah from giving birth, settling us down and all... but maybe this year, we could throw ourselves into the spirit of the holidays for the kid's sake (future blackmail photos!). i already surfed and found lots of Santa suits from that we can choose from (hehehe!). yes, santa suits for us three! okay, so maybe rf would probably die first before wearing the beard but maybe i could get him to wear the outfit at least!

well, digging around the site unearthed lots more christmas inspired costumes and a treasure trove of other stuff! it was easy to move around the site so i was able to quickly pick out a few things i liked before i get back to mommying (no nanny yet, not that oona's a pain. she's such an angel!) and/or before the computer hangs up on me again (cos it's still wonky and all...ugh, scrooging later on!)

anyhoo, i would absolutely LOVE these for oona! they're so adorable! if i'd seen these last year, i would have been a little bit more inspired to celebrate the holidays with more pizzaz.

this for rf :D (okay so maybe it's old hat but it's better than dressing him up as an elf in tights and a bobble hat!) he could even wear this on christmas day while giving presents for oona's benefit, to build up the christmas story!!! (although rf's definitely going to need a pillow to build up that jelly belly there.)

and these are for ME! rawr. i definitely should celebrate the holidays more, if only as an excuse to shop-fantasize! these are most definitely going to get worn more days than there are in the christmas season.

heehee! okay, so it's stretching my imagination a bit but hey, it's christmas! what's an airbrushed christmas photo-op between family and friends, eh? :D

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