Saturday, December 17, 2011

2011 The Year That Was: My Very Own Cheer Squad

Reposted from 13 January 2011 Cheer Squad

It's one of those days when I feel like curling up in bed and hiding away from the world. I feel sad and broken these days. Tired. Restless, too. It has something to do with change and waiting for things to happen. I feel like I can't move yet until other things settle down and that's driving me crazy. I guess I don't play the waiting game too well.

Enter Olly, intruding on my pity party, flopping over in characteristic baby Ollyness. She surprises me with a drooly mouth-fart on my arm, mischievously grins at me and laughs when I do cos it really tickles!

Enter Oona from checking out Lola Espie downstairs, singing to herself, 'I like to moov it moov it! I like to moov it moov it! Moov it!'. Infectious vibe, really giving it all she's got! She flops beside us and tickles Olly. General laughter erupts and my heart begins healing.

You don't know if kids somehow know how you feel. It's been said that since they're pure, innocent souls, they're naturally attuned and sensitive to others' feelings. Especially of those closest to them, like their parents. Whenever you're happy, angry or sad, they sense it and respond accordingly.

Times like these, Oona tells me she loves me, out of the blue. She gives me a hug and kiss and once, when I asked her why, she cheekily told me, 'Wala lang! (Oh nothing!) I love you e!' and she kissed me again. My heart was fit to burst.

I've noticed the same sensitivity in Olly. Young as she is, she manages to show her affection with her limited, although growing repertoire of expressions. She coos, babbles, laughs smiles and yes, mouth-farts. She tumbles all over you, tries to engage you in play and generally infects you with intense sunlight.

With this duo, it's impossible to be morose for long. They manage to banish dark thoughts to the nether regions with the light of their love and inner joy. Even if this feeling rears its ugly head time and again, they have never failed to comfort me, bringing me solace and much needed sunshine.