Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So RF and I were talking about the feasibility of moving back to QC the other day. Supposedly it's cheaper than what we have to worry about here in Makati but apparently, the space we need (3 bedrooms) will cost us just about the same, compounded with the added cost of commuting to Makati everyday. Since RF's job requires him to be at the office from mid-afternoon to more often than not, the wee hours of the morning (sometimes more!), he needs to take a cab. Given that the fare hasn't gone down even if gas just had a recent roll-back, it's going to cost an arm and a leg in the long run. So, we're not going to be spending less. In fact, we'll be spending more than if we just stayed put. Of course, there's also the fact that moving houses is a major operation and a major pain in the wallet.

It's not easy to move. You have to pack up, box everything up, load and unload...If Manila had a service like one I came upon the web the other day, I wouldn't worry as much.

Moveme.com is a consolidated website for making lives easier for people who need to move. They basically covered everything from the moment you first think about moving, to packing up, moving in and settling down in your new digs.

They have listings of houses that would suit your needs, especially if you want to buy (or sell)! Their free mortgage quotes will save you from using up so much time combing the net or the newspapers for a good deal. You can easily compare rates that come from Moveme.com with your present agent and see which one gives the best mortgage quotes. What I like best though, is the fact that they can also help you find the best removal services or a moving company in your area with corresponding removal quotes. From the description, moving companies under their banner are reliable, dependable and easy on the wallet. Nothing haphazard and your valuables are safe, from just a man and van to shipping needs. They take care of the moving vehicles, the handling and getting your things into your new home with as little hassle as possible. This would be extremely useful as I always have to find a truck and people to move things!

The website has tips and guides from organizing your move, moving people with disabilities or people in their golden years to legal issues you may come across. Short, sweet and to the point, you would find their practical advice easy to understand. They even list down things I normally wouldn't have thought about like the Geek Squad, for example! These guys help you set up your wifi, computer and all your home tech so you don't have to worry about your cables, wires and goodness knows what else you might end up crossing and burning the house down!

All in all, the website's very user friendly, navigation is easy and you won't drown in too much or useless information. You'll easily find what you're looking for. The website's focus is clearly making the decision to move a lot simpler and easier than it normally is. It even helps you decide if you really should move, if it's the best for you and your family. They take into account how kids normally react to being uprooted and how important it is for them to be involved with such a big step.

I like them. I really do. They make me want to move just so I can try their service out. It's no wonder that these guys won the Yahoo Innovation Award and the Yahoo People's Choice Award.

My only beef is that they only service Europe. So lucky readers from London, Wales and Scotland have it really easy. (Although, they can help you organize an international move/relocation as well, should you need it.)

Nevertheless, for people who are moving or deciding to move, their tips, planners, advisories and guides are still highly recommended by this mom. Their articles are still worth reading to organize your own move even if sadly, they don't have a local counterpart here for the actual physical move. We could really use their kind of service! So check them out at Moveme.com or root around their cool blog for more stuff about moving from their very own Moving Doctor.

Happy moving!
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